Attention Retailers, want to make extra income selling these hot products?

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Are you looking for quality spine care products made in USA?

Yes, that's us...most of our retailers don't need to worry about getting stuck with Sae Arc inventories because we will exchange for credit. We offer the best customer service and return policy for our distributors. We believe in "win win" so when our retailers are happy, we also succeed as well. Since the internet era, many consumers are now tech savvy and looking for smart and affordable spine care products. Many are willing to spend more money for quality products that are made in USA in addition to good reviews and professional endorsements. We have over 40 Youtube videos posted by various health professionals who are actively selling and recommending Sae Arc products to their own clients. As you know, more than 90% of back surgeries are not necessary and do recurr . Most doctors advise non-surgical treatments before offering surgery as a final option.

I have both a civil engineering and medical backgrounds so I was able to develope these devices which have been used in Asia for hundreds of years. Unlike some inversion tables, which are difficult to setup and use alone, I developed an easy to use and versatile device that most people can use without any assistance because if a device is too complicated, people will not use them. I designed adjustable levels for our pillows and back stretchers since most people have different flexibiliy levels and body types. I want people to use spine stretchers on a daily basis and to experience the true benefits of having a healthy spine. I advise these three essential "S" steps when using spine stretchers: Stretch (spine), Stimulate (vertebrae), and Strengthen (muscles). I created the back stretchers so that they can be placed under any part of the spine. When one uses his or her own body weight, it is much gentler, safer, and easier for the muscle to gradually stretch and helps correct the misalinged spine . SaeArc offers a variety of products that can be shared among various body types and can be easily used at home or at the office at one's convenience.

Our vision is to provide a self care solution for those who suffer back pain due to the poor posture and stressful work environment. Currently, 80% of our distributors are licensed health professionals and specialty retailers that proudly recommend and sell Sae Arc to their clients. We are looking for the following retailers and on-line companies:

  • Chiropractors/Physical Therapists/Acupuncturists/Massage Therapists
  • Spa Owners
  • Medical Supply Stores
  • Holistic Clinics and Hospital Stores
  • Gym and Health Facilities
  • Vitamin Stores and Pharmacies
  • Corporate Gifts etc...

With your help, SaeArc wooden spine stretchers can become a household name across the U.S. and Canada. Join us in spreading the importance of spine stretching by becoming a distributor today! If you are a corporate buyer, we can customize any device to meet your budget as well as placing your own logo.

For more dealer inquiries, please send the request via email to or please contact us at (714) 332-9065. Click Here for Product Info

Richard Kim
Founder and Inventor